Why studying at home is hard

ALRIGHT! Alright.

So on saturday i had lots and lot of things to do for school. I have an immensely large homework assignment for one of my classes that i had 3 weeks to do but waited to start it the weekend before it was due. Definitely my fault but thats besides the point.

Anyways, so as soon as i crack my book open to attempt this assignment, my dog starts scratching at the door to come in. Ok pup, I’ll get up and let you in, BUT I NEED TO GET SOME WORK DONE. So i let him in. As soon as i finish the first paragraph of the assignment the dog needs to go out. OH MY FORKING GOD YOU JUST CAME IN! Ok fine, dont doo-doo on the carpet, go doo-doo outside. Then before, BEFORE I EVEN SIT DOWN, the other dog needs to go out. HOLY HELL. So at this point I am extremely frustrated and i have accomplished about 3 minutes of work over the past half an hour or so (there were other distractions as well, cell phone, tv, stockmarket etc.)

***Sidenote: a girl just walked by that had an unnaturally pink face. Weird.

Then then my pops asks me if i want to goto sears with him. Sure, because i havent gotten a single damned thing done anyways.

Anyways the point to this story is that when you have 3 dogs and live at home with mom and dad, ITS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ANYTHING DONE. IM-FREAKING-POSSIBLE.

I love my rents but sometimes i need to come to school to study and skip going to Ikea to look at more dishes.


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The Douche Bag Costume

This is my buddy’s halloween costume. He dressed up as a Douche bag. Notice the shirt if you can. He is also wearing fake true religion jeans and a home made affliction shirt with some D&G glasses. Classic Douche. He completed the costume by hitting on every girl that walked by and drank Yeager bombs all night.

Classic. Douche.

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As promised!

So here it is, looking at the picture, it doesn’t look all that great, but trust me, if you like Gouda cheese then you will love this… I call it:

Tastes so Gouda!

Man I can be corny sometimes…

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Rob & Big

Ok People. Listen up.

I seriously have not laughed this hard in quite some time while watching a tv show. Over the last two days i have seen approximately 10 episodes of Rob & Big (yay DVR!) and there were many times where i was literally laughing out loud. I have actually laughed so much my stomach muscles are a little sore. Thats pretty cool.

If you have not seen this show, please do yourself a favor and watch it, you wont regret it.

I think i about died when rob put the breast milker on big blacks cheek. IM LAUGHING JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!


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A simple promise!

I promise that i will take a picture of what i make for breakfast tomorrow! i know what you’re thinking… Bold statement, right? WELL, i truly have been eating the same thing for breakfast for the past 30 days or so… no, im not kidding… the SAME thing (pretty much). 3 eggs with smoked gouda cheese melted on top with some form of ham(canadian bacon or ham chops) with some ketchup squirted on there (sometimes). Low-carbalicious.


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Weird drive home last night…

Last night after the go kart racing event that BAP hosted for its members and professionals of the accounting industry, I had one of the strangest drives home i have ever had.

Keep in mind that i live in a rural area so there isnt a lot of street lights on most of the roads that i drive on, which makes things like this a little more…. pronounced i guess.

First, i was driving along this road with NO lights, not one. All of the sudden there was this HUGE bright white dog in front of my truck that i had to swerve quite violently to miss. (I am an animal lover, what can i say) So that really got the heart pounding.

After a few miles i started to calm down and as i pulled up to a stop sign i had a flashback of an incident i had with a police officer that pulled me over a few years ago and tried to get me to admit that i ran this particular stop sign (which i didnt), and admit to doing 80 in a 55 (which i was doing). Neither of which i admitted to but he called my parents nevertheless which was embarrassing and funny in its own right considering i was 19 at the time.

As i make my right turn there is a damned raccoon in the middle of the road and it just looks up at me and gets frozen, so i swerved, AGAIN and missed the animal, AGAIN. At which point i probably looked like a drunk driver or a crazy person.


Anyways, just as i had this flashback and right after i barely miss the raccoon, i look in my rearview mirror and there is a vehicle coming up on me pretty fast, from the rearview mirror it looked like ford headlights so i checked my speed, 55 in a 55, phew.

So i couldnt help but notice that this SUV was excessively close, now remember that i live in a rural area where the cops drive SUV’s sometimes. By now i realized that it was indeed a ford, an expedition in fact, hmmmm…. has to be a cop.

So we finally get to a stop sign that has a street light and as he/she goes through the light i notice its a sherriff. Now, that is pretty strange to think about an event and almost have it repeated.

WEIRD, right? Vote on it.

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If you can’t ride in this, you can’t ride with me.

So I talk about my truck now and again I thought I would share a little about it. Its a 1985 Chevy S-10 pickup, faded/missing blue paint and stock everything. Its a pretty good truck, i have fixed A LOT of things on it since I purchased it in april of 2006. wow, that was quite a while ago. The only thing about this truck is that when stuff breaks it does it at the most inopportune moments.

For example:

The throttle cable snapped on my way to my first day of class last semester, awesome.

I was driving myself and my then girlfriend back to my house when the water pump went out and the truck overheated, sweet. Needless to say we aren’t together anymore (she complained about the seatbelt too much, haha jk).

I’ve locked my keys inside at least 3 times and only successfully retrieved them without help once. Now i admit this problem is with the indian and not the bow, nevertheless it happened.

It didnt pass smog inspection, 4 DAMN TIMES, 5th time was a charm after a carb adjustment and a couple new wires.

The radio got stuck at almost full volume and wouldn’t shut off or respond to any buttons on the face as someone who was giving me directions was calling me back at which time i could not answer the phone because of the damned radio.

Oh and the passenger seatbelt doesn’t get tight across your shoulder, which most passengers dont really think its funny when i tell them to just tie it in a knot but i tell them anyways.

Despite all of these instances i still like it, it has character. The interior is nice enough, the A/C works and the heater blows hot, and the CD player works (most of the time). What more could you ask for in a vehicle? Sure I dont have keyless entry, that just gives me the chance to unlock the door for my date, or mess with my buddies when we are going somewhere. Or lock my keys in my car more often but whatever. Sure its not a big flashy car with shiny rims and a big engine but it gets the job done.

Affectionately Known As Blue Thunder, Disaffectionately known as Turd.

Affectionately Known As Blue Thunder, Disaffectionately known as Turd.

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